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Watch here for more video and audio recordings from current and past seasons as they become available.

Santa Fe Flute Immersion Closing Concert, 7/3/2016
A Guest Concert with the Henschel Quartett,  6/18/2016
The Chapel Series May Finale Opera Program, 5/29/2016
“The Art of Transcription”, 5/8/2016
Mozartfest 2016, 4/3/2016

courtesy videographer John Sadd

Annual Valentine’s Concerts 2/20/16

Annual Winter Solstice Concert 11/28/2015

Brahms in Maytime 05/31/2015

Bach 330th Birthday Celebration 03/22/2015

Annual Valentine’s Concerts 02/13/2015

Annual Winter Solstice Concerts 11/30/2014

Debut Concert – May 25, 2012

Santa Fe Flute Immersion: Aaron Alter: Homage to Josquin, World Premiere. 6/28/2015