The Mission of the New Mexico Performing Arts Society is to promote the work of New Mexico-based professional musicians, dancers, actors and fine artists.

NMPAS is committed to high-quality performances of established, well-known masterpieces and lesser- known or new works of art worth experiencing.


NMPAS currently presents The Chapel Series at Immaculate Heart, The New Mexico Bach Society, and Santa Fe Flute Immersion, an international flute and performance skills masterclass with outstanding teachers and innovative workshops, in the relaxed setting of the Immaculate Heart Retreat Center.

Praise for NMPAS
“The concert was stunning. I cannot believe that this chorus and orchestra have not been working together for years. You both did an amazing job in organizing and preparing this. And Franz, the performance was so musical and well paced- phrasing, nuances and dynamics etc. … I thought all of the soloists were excellent. With a concert like this, I hope you will find many more backers- individuals and foundations so that you can expand on this. Let us know when you plan to have the next concert.” — Judith Auer, Voice teacher, Boulder, Colorado


The educational and mentoring component of NMPAS is a priority for the organization: NMPAS currently collaborates with New Mexico School for the Arts, Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association, University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico State University Las Cruces, and New Mexico Highlands University. Santa Fe Flute Immersion provides opportunities for singers and instrumentalists to enhance their performance skills. The New Mexico Bach Society gives recent graduates of New Mexico university music programs the chance to gain valuable professional experience in our ensembles.


New Mexico’s performing artists offer the same mastery that one often associates with more widely known, world-renowned artists. NMPAS thus aims to provide the requisite vision and leadership to delight audiences with intimate, impactful performances that are rooted in the world’s great artistic traditions but are produced by local artists.

NMPAS Board of Directors

Linda Marianiello, President
Franz Vote, Vice President
Esther Moses Bergh, Secretary
Brian Lee, Treasurer
John Andrews, Board Member at Large
John Berkenfield, Board Member at Large
Tjett Gerdom, Board Member at Large


Praise for NMPAS
“The Trust Board Members that attended were uniformly laudatory of the concert! Comments included appreciation of the caliber of musicians assembled both in the chorus and the orchestra … I earlier said that I thought your performance would be definitive. It was and is. – and so full of musical sense and sensitivity. Thanks so much for all that you brought to this project!” — James Bonnell, Chair, the UNM John Donald Robb Musical Trust, Albuquerque, NM

NMPAS Advisory Board

NMPAS Advisory Board

Bob Ansheles, Director of Development, Cancer Foundation for New Mexico
James Bonnell, Madden Hosea & Associates
Robert Glick, President and CEO (Ret.), The St. Vincent Hospital Foundation
Elliot Stern, Business Development, Amenergy, Inc.
Rachel de W. Wixom, President/CEO, The Ralph T. Coe Foundation for the Arts


Contact us at info@nmpas.org


Now in our sixth season, NMPAS continues to delight audiences with high-quality performances by New Mexico-based musicians, performing and fine artists.

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