A Big Welcome to Our New Intern Sammi Gilbert


NMPAS would like to welcome our new intern, Samantha Gilbert. Sammi is a sophomore majoring in Contemporary Music at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. As you can see from the photo, her main instrument is flute.

Sammi has lived in many different parts of the US: Born in Massachusetts, she lived for 17 years in Evergreen, Colorado. In addition, she has spent a summer in Killeen, TX and, more recently, in Hancock, NY at the French Woods Performing Arts Festival.

One of the main reasons she sought an internship with NMPAS is that she loves the Santa Fe Community and wants to be more involved locally. Currently, she is studying flute from a classical perspective with Horace Young at SFUAD. She is mastering different aspects of flute playing, building repertoire, and refining her technique. Melinda Russial is also teaching her clarinet with a focus on Balkan music. This particularly relates to her major in Contemporary Music, and gives her the opportunity to focus on material that builds out her repertoire in this area.

By interning with NMPAS Sammi hopes to learn more about the business side of music. She loves performing, but there are so many advantages to also understanding and knowing the management side. This will provide additional experience in terms of what she hopes to do after finishing school. Ideally, she would like to end up in music therapy.

Sammi was also very involved in the marching band world in high school. In 2014 she was a member of the Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps, based out of Seattle. They traveled coast to coast, eventually ending up in Indiana for the Drum Corps International championships.

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